The focus of this book is the importance of family dinners and what a nurturing tradition it is to prepare a special meal for those you love. Sharing food and conversation around the dining table with your family creates magical memories that will help you grow as a family and stay in your hearts forever. It is an important tradition that you can hand down from generation to generation.


This book contains treasured family recipes from celebrities’ personal lives that have special meaning to them. They have been generous to share these delicious meals with us which they prepare for their own families. Many of the recipes have been passed down from previous generations.


Bless This Table is a celebration of family meals throughout the world. From Michael Bublé’s grandmother’s Italian feast to Celine Dion’s mother in-law’s Middle Eastern treats to Wolfgang Puck’s Austrian delights from his mother. Of course, it contains many wonderful dishes from regions of the U.S. including the Pointer Sister’s chicken and dumplings recipe from their mother to Amy Grant’s mother’s cherished chicken salad recipe.


Enjoy these special family recipes and memoirs shared by these celebrities. Here’s to wonderful family gatherings in the years to come!


A portion of the proceeds is being donated to assist those in need.

Ashley and I grew up in Kentucky on a mountaintop. We spent years on welfare and our single working mother, Naomi, was often gone working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. This kind of comfort food is my favorite because it was made with love from scratch. It brings back memories of us all sitting around the supper table together. - Wynonna